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ISN XMAS PARTY 2005 in Poland

13 Dec 2005 - by Intership Navigation

ISN XMAS PARTY 2005 in Poland
On the 03/12/2005 our 10th ISN XMAS party took place at the Gdynia Riwiera premises in Poland.

Krzysztof Stolarczyk, Managing Director of Teamwork, and his team organized an unforgettable party. The last guests where relieved from the dance floor at around 0400am on Sunday morning however the lights were switched off at 0500am.

The evening started with the welcome speeches of Mr. Krzysztof Stolarczyk and Mr. Bernd Oeltjen, Personal Manager of ISN.

At around 2000 the delicious 5 course menu was served, starting with nice salmon and a nice wild pig (bore) at the end.

Captain Eugen H.Adami, Managing Director of ISN held a speech on behalf of Captain Alfred Hartmann regarding the previous decade and had also a look in the future of the immense expanding fleet in the Hartmann fleet and their affiliated companies like ISN, Feederlines, Hesse, and MTL.

25 seafarers received awards for their 5 and 10 year continuous employment within the group of companies.

5 years award:
Capt Blejch, Capt Fijalkowski, Capt Jermul, Capt Zborowski, Capt Ozog, Capt Markowski, Capt Naum, C/E Aftarczuk, C/E Zukowski, C/E Czech, E/E Wojtynski

10 years award:
Capt Bastian, Capt Dobrzynski, Capt Kolinski, Capt Hoppe, Capt Wolanski,
Capt Dabrowski, C/O Strus, C/O Robaszkiewic, C/E Dembski, C/E Pabin, 3/E Profis,
E/E Biernat, C/E Wojnicz

Another 2 award were also handed over to Ms. Elzbieta Krzeminska who is working since approx 12 years exclusively for ISN/Teamwork in Szczecin and Krzysztof Stolarczyk as Managing Director of Teamwork working for ISN/Teamwork more than 11years in Gdynia.

The dance floor was opened after the main menu combined with a group of salsa dancers.

During the whole party all participants exchanged their own experience form ashore and on board. Everybody was satisfied at the end