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Navigating Ahead into a new Software Era!

12 Apr 2005 - by Intership Navigation


Intership Navigation
is proud to announce the purchase of their new Quality Software from :

Spec2Soft ( is dedicated to build a seamless, integrated paper-less system and ISN is proud to have been selected by Spec2Soft to assist in the final stage of the product development. The assistance of ISN has made this application easy to use by the ISN staff on board and ashore.
The software will link all vessels, support offices, manning agencies and training schools with the head office in Limassol. All future Quality related correspondence will be facilitated by the new application. Persons can be selectively or automatically notified and are able to respond. This approach is most novel and not existing in any other software ISN has screened. ISN’s MD, Capt Adami, in a message to all staff: ‘This is a product developed for our specific needs, I promise you will like it. If not please let us know, and I will do everything possible to satisfy your requirements by asking Spec2Soft to take your valid comments on board for their next release.’

Capt. E.-H. Adami