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NHC Seminar / AMOS Instructions in Manila, on the 14th of April 2005

20 Apr 2005 - by Intership Navigation

Arrangements made by Mr. Bernd Oeltjen and ISN-TC, Mr. Ola Skauge of the Norwegian Hull Club (NHC) flew from Europe to Manila and presented a seminar to 57 participants, mainly to the ISN Ship Management officers, with the majority coming from the provinces. This was held at the Lotus Garden Hotel at Manila on April 14th 2005, morning and afternoon. The seminar was about Maritime Loss Prevention that emphasizes awareness to maritime perils, SAFETY on board and Crisis Management.

The lively seminar was well appreciated by the marine officers as speaker Ola made an excellent presentation of facts and case studies. Photos of ship’s casualties (M/V Rocknes, M/V Dona Paz, M/V Tricolor and many other ships) were vividly presented. The participants got actively involved in the discussions and in role-plays.
In the afternoon after the NHC seminar, Mr. Pawel Bury the IT manager of ISN-Cyprus explained to the officers, including the A/O officers and trainees, the improvements made in the AMOS (Administration, Maintenance, Operation and System) on board computerized program relating to functionality, budget control and graphic image.