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The 100th Yanmar Engine delivered to Intership Navigation

28 May 2008 - by Intership Navigation

Yanmar Co., Ltd. delivered the 100th engine for an ISN new building project.
This 100th engine is one of the generator engines on m/v UBC Santos, a 31.000 dwt bulk carrier built by Saiki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd in Saiki, Japan.

Yanmar engines are operating reliably and economically since thirteen years on many Intership New Buildings constructed in various shipyards in Japan and china. Intership Navigation will keep on using Yanmar engines on their new buildings for generating and propulsion power and the total number of Yanmar engines delivered to Intership Navigation projects will grow to approximately 150 engines within the next two years.
Yanmar Co., Ltd. hosted a very memorable event for celebration of 100th engine in the Amagasaki plant on the 20th March 2008, attended by Mr. 

Alfred Hartmann, President of the Hartmann Group and Mr. K. Fujiwara, Senior Manager of Yanmar’s export department and various representatives of Intership Navigation Co., Ltd., Saiki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. and Yanmar Co., Ltd.