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Naming Ceremonies of hulls 0307364 / 65 / 66

18 Jun 2009 - by Intership Navigation

On behalf of our Singaporean client for whom we are supervising the constructions of three LR1 Product Tankers, we are proud to announce that the naming ceremonies for these three vessels took place at New Times Shipyard in China on the 29th May 2009.
The first delivery with hull no. 0307364 is set for the beginning of June and the two following hulls 0307365/66 through to August 2009.
The first vessel in a series of three 73000 dwt Product and Crude Oil Tankers was named “Summit Australia” by the proud Godmother Mrs. Emanuelle Matarangas, wife of Christos Matarangas at UPT. Mrs. Matarangas successfully broke the champagne bottle, the fireworks off and everybody cheered!
Next in line was hull 0307365 which was named “Summit Asia”. Mrs. Zhang Fan had the honour to christen this fine vessel, which she did with great success. After a broken champagne bottle the fireworks went off and when the smoke had settled the group moved on to the last and final vessel.
The last vessel, but surely not the least, was given the name “Summit Africa”. She graciously received her name from Mrs. Peggy Dzicki, wife of ISN Training Manager Rene Dzicki. After the bottle successfully had been smashed and fireworks had once again gone off everybody congratulated each other to no less than three magnificent christenings.