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Cycle the distance

14 Oct 2014 - by Intership Navigation

A small group of employees from Intership Navigation have taken up a challenge to cycle whenever possible.

The European Commission’s Sustainable Urban Mobility campaign, ‘Do the Right Mix’, aims to highlight the advantages of combining different modes of transportation for improved health,  finances and for a better environment.  Under this umbrella, the Limassol Cycling Club launched their campaign to “Cycle the distance” promoting the use of the bicycle for everyday transport.

A small group of employees from Intership Navigation signed up for the challenge and over the next two months, they will be recording all the trips they make on their bikes. The group with the highest distance travelled by bike will win an award.

The moral of the story is: for a slimmer figure, a stronger heart, increased brain power, reduced stress, zero fuel consumption and more money in your pocket…CYCLE!