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UBC Savannah detention in Mexico - Update

26 Aug 2019 - by Intership Navigation

MV UBC SAVANNAH, under the management of Intership Navigation Co. Ltd., is still being detained in Altamira / Mexico after 225kg of cocaine was found in one of the vessels holds by our crew and was reported to the police immediately by our Captain.

All her crew have been arrested by the Mexican authorities and remain in custody awaiting the hearing which is now scheduled for early September. No charges have been brought against any of the Crew and all legal efforts are being directed by our team of lawyers and P&I Club towards their safe release.
Master and Crew are in fairly good spirits and in good health, united in their pursuit for justice. Intership representatives on the ground are making every effort possible and using all means available to ensure the welfare, good living conditions and medical care, where needed, for our Crew.
We are cooperating closely with the Embassies of Poland, the Philippines and Cyprus who have been closely following the situation and facilitating our access to the Crew and providing every assistance possible. 
Managers and Crew are fully cooperating with local authorities to expedite the investigation, whilst we are at the same time, pursuing the release of the vessel. Part of the crew dispatched to replace the arrested crew have been put on board with the rest are waiting permission from the Mexican authorities to embark.

We will be posting further updates as the situation develops.