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Captain Lasota freed!

22 Mar 2021 - by Intership Navigation

After 592 days behind bars, Captain Andrzej Lasota is finally free.

The news of Captain Lasota’s release came as a tremendous relief to his family, Intership and both the Polish and Cypriot authorities who have been campaigning tirelessly for his release.

Captain Lasota was arrested in August 2019 by the Mexican authorities on the grounds of alleged “negligence in failing to be aware that the ship he commanded may have been carrying prohibited substances”.  After numerous hearings were postponed, denying him the chance to defend himself, Captain Lasota has, at last found justice.  

This case has highlighted, once again, the injustice of criminalising innocent seafarers. The full story of Captain Lasota’s ordeal can be read here.

Intership would like to take this opportunity to thank all those whose have fought unwaveringly for Captain Lasota’s release and who have been at his side these past 20 months.

Capt. Andrzej Lasota is pictured with the Polish Consul Mr. Tomasz Mysliwiec (left) and Mr. Janusz Florczuk of Intership USA (right) upon his release.