Protecting the environment

Shipping is already considered the most environmentally friendly transport mode.

But this by itself is not enough for us at Intership, we continuously strive to decrease any negative impact of our vessels on the environment - and for a sustainable shipping industry.

Intership has established several measures to improve the operational efficiency of its vessels, and all new buildings are designed to include ‘tomorrow’s technology’ already today.

We are actively working on the reduction of smoke stack emissions by retrofitting energy efficiency devices; by converting several vessels to LNG / dual fuel propulsion and by enabling vessels to connect to shore power supply in port (‘cold ironing’).

Intership is embracing new technology and is aiming to be first mover in the area of shipboard and on-shore IT systems. Our in-house specialists for navigational equipment are actively involved in developing innovative eNavigation solutions, and are supporting ‘Mona Lisa’, the award-winning Sea Traffic Management system.

Intership Navigation has been awarded the Five Star Excellence Award by Germanischer Lloyd, an award given to companies that consistently implement the objectives of safety, quality, environmental behaviour, reliability and social responsibility.