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Crew visit to NASA Space Center

20 Apr 2005 - by Intership Navigation

The crew of M/V Seaboard Power had the chance to visit NASA Space Center, after a trip organised by the captain of the vessel, Capt. Z. Stebnicki.The vessel Seaboard Power was not going to have any cargo operation for a few hours to go, and Capt. Z. Stebnicki was not going to sit around and waste it. He arranged an excursion for the crew, which made everyone happy.

The trip was a tour to the NASA Space Center, and as you can see from the pictures, it was a nice catch and a nice way to spend this free time.

"You know that we have very hard job in Seaboard Charter", captain said. "However, occasionaly this effort is rewarded. The tour to the NASA Space Center was our prize this time. It was a trip that brought much joy to the whole crew".

Enjoy some pictures from this excusion:

Cheese everyone!!

So thats how it looks up close... Does not seem to big!

But it sure is complex!!!

The captain always making contacts... :wink:

Can I drive?