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Maritime Cyprus 2005 and ISN special event!

10 Oct 2005 - by Intership Navigation

On the occasion of the Maritime Cyprus 2005, Intership Navigation hosted an unforgettable event at the beautiful square of the Omodhos village, on Monday, September 26th 2005.

The theme of the event was “Interships Navigation own Wine Festival” and it presented various aspects of a typical wine festival: excellent food, wine and zivania, all three in unlimited quantities (!!), the preparation of “pallouze”, kazanti-game and a game of backgammon, the traditional folkloric Cyprus dance-show, and some surprises, but above all, warm atmosphere, open heart, and a lot of festive mood!

The somewhat 300 attendees, comprising of both guests and employees enjoyed heartily this beautiful evening and were all too sad to see it end. However, for many the highlights of the event were two distinctive separate happenings, with neither of them having anything to do with the food or with the drinks but both of them being rather surreal: Mr. Hartmann going for a stroll in the square between the many tables on a beautiful grey donkey (!!) and Captain Adami “making” his own ISN-wine with the assistance of Mr. Dieter Rohdenburg and Mr. Evangelos Charalambous!
Below are some pictures that captured this beautiful evening!