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ISN Event Tuesday 25th September

15 Oct 2007 - by Intership Navigation

In the afternoon of the 25th September there was a certain feeling in the air, a feeling of great expectations; would Intership once again host a fantastic event set in a beautiful place, full with wonderful food, happy people and unexpected happenings? The answer to that question (as everyone knows that attended) is YES THEY DID! The evening started with a Cocktail Reception, nicely held on the wooden jetty of the old port of Limassol. The setting couldn’t have been more carefully chosen, with the full moon glimmering in the water, wonderful music playing in the background as people’s laughter and chatter filled the air.

The musicians led the way over to the pier where Amathus Catering had set up a wonderful and appetizing Fish Buffet for us, tables were decorated with shells and lanterns all following the maritime theme. In the harbour Kyrenia–Liberty was resting after a successful towage from Larnaca, many thanks to the Kyrenia Chrysocava Foundation for letting us ‘borrow’ her for the evening and to our very own Cpt. Panicos Ioannou and Cpt. Rene Dzicki for the arrangement of the tow. Adding to this, there was a lady preparing traditional anari and halloumi cheese, another lady mending fishnets, some men playing cards and backgammon and there was even a lady fortune teller! All of this added to the flavour of the ‘old harbour touch’ that was the event’s theme.

After Captain E. Adami’s speech, where he wished everyone welcome and asked everyone to enjoy the evening and have a great time, it was time to see what the Chef had prepared for us all. A Fish Buffet with all included, salmon, mussels, tuna, seafood paella and other mouthwatering dishes was beautifully displayed and let’s not forget the sweets…!

There was also entertainment in the form of belly dancers and can-can girls, they were very lively and colourful indeed, thank you ladies!

It was really a night to remember and I am sure everyone had a great time, exactly as Captain Adami wished!

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