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17 Aug 2010 - by Intership Navigation

On the 15th and 16th July 2010 another six ISN Newbuildings were christened in China as follows:

In Shandong Huanghai Shipyard:

HCY-61 MV Seaboard America - Godmother Mrs. Cathleen Steer, wife of Mr. Robert Steer of Seaboard Inc.

HCY-130 MV UBC Canada - Godmother Mrs. Oriana Bertoncini, wife of Mr. Stefano Foti of Spectec Group

HCY-131 MV UBC Cyprus - Godmother Mrs. Eleni Nicolaides of ISN

HCY-113 MV MCP Panthea - Godmother Mrs. Despina Frantzi, wife of Mr. Neophytos Ioannou of Hellenic Bank Cyprus

In Rongcheng Shipyard:

RC-20 MV Drentediep - Godmother Mrs. Aristi Schoenfelder of ISN

RC-21 MV Dondiep - Godmother Mrs. Maria Ioannou (sister of Mrs. Fani Adami and Mrs. Aristi Schoenfelder)

The "Godmother Group" had a wonderful week in China. Our first stop was Shanghai where we were welcomed by Captain Adami on Monday 12th July. At the hotel we met Mr. Dieter Rohdenburg (ISN) and Mr. Hans Laue (Seaboard). After a short recovery from the long journey we hit the nightlife of this amazing city with a population of 19 million people (plus 2 million commuters each day!). The streets were so full with people, cars, lights - so much life!

The following day we had a busy sightseeing program ahead of us. We visited the EXPO 2010, historical places such as the Jade Buddha Temple and the Yu Gardens to name a few. We even managed some shopping much to the delight for our ladies. At night we attended a breathtaking Chinese circus performance. Needless to say we were all amazed and impressed by this modern city which manage to mix the old with the new by preserving its heritage in regards to the various architectural styles and its traditions. 

Wednesday 14th we travelled to Shidao where we met up with Mr. A. Hartmann, Mr. Eddie Gonzales (President of Seaboard Marine), Mr. Robert Steer (CFO of Seaboard Inc.), his wife Cathleen and their son Spencer. We were then treated to a wonderful Welcome dinner arranged by Huanghai shipyard.

Thursday 15th was the first day of christenings at Huanghai Shipyard. ISN own brilliant supervisor team and representatives of the shipyard had all put a lot of effort in decorating the site. Following the performance of a traditional Chinese orchestra and various speeches from the shipyard, the banks, the local municipality and the owners the four vessels were all successfully named by their respective godmothers.


At the traditional celebration lunch the godmothers handed over their pictures and presents and we all enjoyed some more Chinese seafood.

Next day another two vessels in Rongcheng Shipyard were christened. The shipyard is smaller and therefore the whole atmosphere became somewhat more 'private' but very nice nevertheless. After the speeches were held the godmothers fulfilled their duties in an excellent manner with broken Champagne bottles just as it should be! The opportunity to tour of one of the vessel were also greatly appreciated by all of us!


In the afternoon we had some more sightseeing to do; we put on our walking shoes and went to visit the nearby Chisan Fahua Temple where they have an enormous Buddha statue on top of the mountain. It was a great day for all of us which ended with yet another great experience of the Chinese cuisine.

Saturday being the last day of our trip so we put it to good use and travelled to the easternmost point of China's coastline. The scenery spot has a lot of attractions, amongst them caves full with crystals and a garden with statues of gods from all over the world, even the Greek ones!

It is very hard to describe China and this trip in a few words; the beauty of China, its people and their hospitality, their ability to make things happen - all very impressive! We left China after a wonderful week, all very tired but full with impressions of this once-in-a-lifetime experience - a big THANK YOU to ISN for giving us all this great opportunity!

Jens Schoenfelder / ISN