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Intership Summer Event at the Santa Marina Retreat

29 Sep 2010 - by Intership Navigation

Our new Management Directors Dieter Rohdenburg and Evangelos Charalambous had the fabulous idea to take us this year to a very special ISN Family Trip at the Santa Marina Retreat

which gave us the opportunity to challenge our sports skills in


  • Archery
  • Wall Climbing
  • Minotaur’s Labyrinth
  • Mountain Bike Challenge


Our four floors of the ISN building have been divided in four teams – being asked to compete with each other on all subjects. Well, I believe it was really hard to climb up the wall (especially for slightly overweight people like me) but than the Minotaur’s Labyrinth was pretty fun when we had to crawl underneath a bridge given us the feeling being in a Military Training Center and our black cloth a perfect dusty design. After the Mountain Bike riding we enjoyed doing the Archery and since many of us did this kind of sport the first time we were astonished how much we liked it.



When all challenges where completed the organizers announced the winning team for each event separately and the overall winners. At this point I should mention that there are suspicions and strong indication that the officials were bribed by a certain team and the results are under investigation. We hope to be able to announce the winners in the next issue of ISN news letter.



After the games we enjoyed an excellent lunch and sung a serenade to our Managing Director Dieter Rohdenburg for his birthday. Well…it was really the perfect day for all of us with too much fun, laughter and happiness…

Ramona Schaefer-Ioann